Be Y.O.U. (your own unicorn)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Unicorns have long been revered as unique and mystical. I’ve had a fascination with them since seeing Uni in the 1980s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Her very presence gave comfort and hope to Presto and the other members of their group. I believe people are unique beings that can offer the same comfort and hope to themselves and others. Before you write off the idea and think unicorns are something only children dream of, remember the acronym PAPER stands for people are positive energy receptors. When positive energy is harnessed, it creates a magnificent aura around the vessel (person); just like Uni did in the cartoon.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? After about the third letdown you write the whole day off and start to anticipate the next negative outcome. That’s the result of swimming in negative energy. Setting your mind to anticipate bad things happening attracts bad things. The same rings true for positive energy. It’s been my experience that when I think happy thoughts, anticipate positive outcomes, and find the bright side of things, things change for the better. That’s what being your own unicorn does. You simply harness the positive energy and it surrounds you and acts as a shield from negativity.

Guess what? Each day that you wake up you’re always going to be you. So why not be Y.O.U. (your own unicorn)? It’s a great feeling knowing that good things are in store. As you progress through your day in a pragmatic way, you will start to see how you pass along your positivity. Others will lean in to partake of it as if you’re wearing a fragrance they have to take a whiff of. Slowly, you will see a chain reaction of smiles and feel a sense of peace simply by being y-o-u. I encourage you to try it then share your experience with other people.

A positive mindset is a powerful instrument that will propel you to unimaginable heights. Even if you suffer from acrophobia, you’ll want to give it a go. I urge you to. I believe you’ll start to truly understand what a unique being you are. You have the power to have a good day every day despite external circumstances because you and only you control your mind. Lock the negative thoughts out.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the concept of being y-o-u (your own unicorn) and will give some serious thought to employing it to ensure your good days outweigh your bad. May positive energy follow you wherever you go.

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