Beating Boredom!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Are you staying home to stay safe and simultaneously wondering how to manage not melting into a puddle due to boredom? You’re not alone. There’s only so much Netflix you can watch. It’s time to find things to do that don’t require screen time. Nope, scrolling Instagram to find hobbies won’t do. Let’s be honest, within 3 swipes you’ll be following some fashionista to see where she got her shoes. I’m guilty of it too.

Tired of Scolling?

The best cures for boredom that I have found are:

  • Meditation [absolutely FREE]

  • Talking with friends (via phone)

  • Simple Crafts (the complex ones don’t relax me)

Get Crafty

All of the above aforementioned can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home. I alternate between them all and it has help me cure wall to wall boredom. My favorite boredom-beater is meditation. I like it because it’s free and always works. Wait, don’t roll your eyes; try it. I have outlined my method below…and yes; it’s FREE.

I find the best place for me to meditate is in a room with minimal light. I have curtains that block out light in my bedroom so that’s the optimal place for me. I have tried sitting upright and lying down, I prefer to lie down on the floor on a blanket with a soft pillow behind my head.

I use a free app called "White Noise Lite". It has a timer, many sounds to choose from, and even a mixer feature that lets you customize the sound you want. I keep it simple and use the sound “Chimes Chiming”. I set the timer to 20 minutes. Next I close my eyes, lay back and breathe in and out slowly until I feel at ease. I focus on the sound of the chimes until 20 minutes is up. Sometimes I doze off, that’s fine with me; I like power naps. I always awake refreshed and clear headed. Try this method and let me know what you think.

Here are the steps again:

  • Find a quiet spot, with soft or minimal lighting

  • Get comfortable (sitting or lying down is okay; it’s up to you)

  • Choose the sound you want to focus on; use a free app or a device of your choice; even the sound of your own breathing.

  • Set a timer (20 minutes works for me)

  • Focus on something soothing (the sound you chose, your breathing, an image you enjoy)

  • After 20 minutes, emerge renewed.

Relaxed. Renewed. Refreshed.

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