Fashionably Fabulous

This fall a staple in fashion will reemerge. Updated versions of the pea coat are making a comeback. This fashion favorite never truly goes away, but has taken a backseat to bubble coats and fur in recent years. This fall you will see the pea coat donning fun patterns, classic cuts, and exaggerated features. Oversized collars, snazzy belts, and fun buttons are a few details that give the coat a new look. Check out the featured styles below.

More importantly, to truly look great in your pea coat, don’t neglect the skin it doesn't shelter from the cold. Your face, hands, legs, feet will need extra attention when temperatures start to drop. To stay moisturized and glowing, try the Lavender Relaxation Set , the bath salts slough away dull skin while the lavender oil and soap moisturize and relax your dermis. Stay soft and supple all fall and winter long while looking great in your choice of fashions. Great skin is your best accessory. It takes care of you when you take care of it.

Here's a quick skincare tip. To reap the full benefits of skincare products, turn your bathroom into a steam room. Close your bathroom door and turn the shower to the warmest setting that you can safely withstand. The steam from the shower will open your pores allowing for maximum absorption of the moisturizing lavender soap. After your shower, apply the lavender oil while your skin is still damp. I think you’ll be amazed at the results and your skin will thank you for it.

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