Well, it’s almost here…5 more days to be exact! I can’t think of any other occasion that excites children and adults alike because of the creativity it evokes. The costumes and decorations have no limit. No genre. No reason to be tame. It’s the one day of the year you can be someone else and not be accused of identity theft. You might even be applauded, depending on how well you pull off the look.

So who will you be this year…Cleopatra? Thor? Your favorite teacher? I’m partial to super heroes and badass historical figures. Getting candy is an afterthought, but the costume is a must. I’ve been Cleopatra, Madonna, and even a ghost in past years. Madonna was my favorite. What can I say…I’m a material girl!

The Spirit Halloween stores are in full effect! I was happy to see that. I wasn’t sure they would make an appearance this year due to COVID-19. So many milestones and occasions have gone unmarked and un-celebrated this year. Graduations, births, engagements, so many special moments of those we love have come and gone with little to no fanfare. Let’s celebrate Halloween responsibly, this year, but definitely celebrate it.

Eat candy corn until your tongue is orange and your fingers are too sticky too snap. Watch scary movies until you have to sleep with a night light. And don’t forget the scary stories, complete with jump scares. Make Mr. Meyers and Mr. Voorhees proud.

Happy Halloween

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