Just Thinking...

Write until the tank is empty. It doesn't have to make sense to others. It's yours. That's what makes thinking such a powerful outlet. You're in control.

The only limit to your thinking is the one you put there. So go ahead, find out what's in that head of yours girl! Find a pretty journal and sit down with a nice piping hot cup of tea and let it rip. As the pen glides across the pages you will be amazed. Not only at what you write, but how it makes you feel. Lighter. Smarter. Fulfilled. Lighter because you are emptying out feelings and thoughts. Smarter because you are proving to yourself that you truly are capable of expressing yourself freely. And Fulfilled because writing is satisfying.

If you happen to pen a masterpiece, I don't mind being mentioned in the credits. You're welcome. Now go get started lady. Have fun. This isn't an assignment for a grade and there are no wrong answers. You're in charge.

Happy Writing,

E. B.

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