Treat yourself or a friend to some T-L-C with the new "Spa Day" gift set. Enjoy special pricing of $50 for a set valued at $75 while supplies last (no coded needed) . Remember, there's always time to slow down to take care of yourself. With "Spa Day" you can enjoy a refreshing facial and warm bath while the spa day soy candle sets the mood for your self-care rendezvous. Emerge renewed

This month we are introducing the Rose Milk Bath. We believe in taking the time to enjoy the simple joys of life and we count a warm bath amongst our top 5. The milk bath will soothe dry skin and tired joints. The colloidal oatmeal works wonders for those suffering from eczema. The coconut milk wraps the skin in a moisture-filled embrace that protects and nourishes. We can't wait for you to enjoy this special treat. You'll be able to experience Rose Milk Bath starting March 11th.

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