New Year, New You?

Why not just love who you are and take that person into the new year? I think we all had high hopes and hefty goals for 2021 after the year long disappointment we called 2020. Wait, let's look at the bright side. In a lot of ways 2021 was better than 2020. We didn't see the end of COVID-19, but we did see the number of cases lean out for a while. Most importantly, we made the necessary adjustments, like working from home, mask mandates, and social distancing. So, all in all, I think we can collectively call it a WIN.

So let's go into the new year with a clean slate. No talk of what went wrong in 2021, or making unrealistic plans. Take the year one day at a time. Savor each moment, treasure each memory, and most of all, cut yourself some slack. Sheesh! You're doing a great job. When's the last time you actually told yourself that? It's important that you do. Self love is where any love starts. Embracing every part of yourself...yes, even the parts we may want to change, because they too are a part of the great being that is Y-O-U.

Here's something great you can do...make it a point to practice self-love every single day. Say something nice to yourself. Do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. We think you're awesome. Yeah, I know we don't know you personally, but we do know that this earth is full of great souls with huge hearts and uniqueness. So we're going out on a limb and saying it...WE LIKE YOU! And if you don't mind, how about checking out the self-love list below. You just might find a few things to get you started on your journey to loving yourself properly. If you already do, we applaud you and maybe you will find a new way to celebrate yourself.

If you like to put pen to paper, check out some of our journals. Give it a go on your own, or choose a guided journal if you're not sure where to start. If reading is more up your alley, we have lovely books that remind us to be thankful every day for things great and small. No matter where you choose to begin, just make sure you do. Share something positive in the comments. We love hearing from readers. Until next time....


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