Protect Your Peace

These days it’s getting harder and harder to maintain a peaceful existence. Chaos is finding new ways everyday to invade your quiet space. Whether it’s the tv, social media, family, or friends. It’s a real struggle. The uprising at the Capitol building this week is just the latest in a series of unsettling events that have taken place. We do our best to keep our site serene, but it would be very tone deaf if we didn’t at least acknowledge the seriousness of Wednesday's events. We simply want to say we believe in democracy.

Now, let’s discuss some ways to maintain your peace in a world that seems to be getting crazier and crazier day by day:

· UNPLUG – Disconnect from social media, your cell phone, tv, and people. A couple weeks ago we suggested this, little did we know that it would be needed again so soon. That’s the beauty of its simplicity, it doesn’t take much planning nor equipment. You simply turn it all off. It’s a good idea to let essential people know what you’re doing so no one is worried if they can’t reach you. This will also put them on notice that you don’t want to be contacted during this time. Try it. Start small. Mere hours make a difference. A quiet hour can make all the difference.

· ACCEPT WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL – This goes back to the serenity prayer. Make peace with things beyond your control because to do otherwise is futile. Stress is a silent killer and many times the things we stress over should be let go. While the week’s events may have been stressful, those in a position to correct them will do so in time. In the meantime, unburden yourself of worrying.

· EXTRACT NEGATIVITY FROM YOUR LIFE – Negativity comes in many forms; physical and intangible. No matter which form it takes, the method to eradicate it is the same, identify and extract. Negativity breeds stress. Stress carries to high of a price to endure. I’m not speaking of everyday stress like traffic or restless children. Those things are inevitable. I’m speaking of toxic people. Gossip. Unhealthy relationships. These are the things that are optional. We may not initially choose for them to be a part of our lives, but at some point, we do have a choice as to what stays and what goes.

· LOVE YOURSELF – Self-care has almost become a cliché because it’s so heavily promoted, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not a fad. It may be for those not truly interested in its benefits, but for those who recognize the power, it’s here to stay. Part of self-care is loving yourself, it’s the foundation and catalyst. Love yourself by giving yourself a break when you need it. Give yourself a break by speaking kindly to and of yourself. Love yourself by forgiving your shortcomings and embracing your perceived flaws. We are all flawed. We hurt ourselves so much when we dwell on our mistakes and allow doubt to take root. The effects are lasting, and it makes it harder to see our greatness and value. Value yourself. Celebrate victories and toot your own horn. It’s not bragging if it’s true.

Incorporate these steps in your life and watch what happens. The outcome is something beautiful and allows you to be a vehicle of positivity that carries with it transferable energy. Those you come in contact will feel the elevated vibrations you emit and the world will be a better place for us all.

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