Rain, Rain....Don't Go Away.

With so much rain in the forecast, let’s discuss some fun ways to make the best of it. The sound of rain can be very useful and therapeutic. The putter-patter of rain drops on the roof and windows of the car of your home is very soothing. Watching rain fall as sunlight reflects off of it is truly magical. Apps do their best to duplicate the sound and the most talented directors have spent countless hours trying to recreate such conditions in our favorite films. You can’t blame them when you look at how beautiful rainfall is. I once had a friend that referred to it as “liquid sunshine”. I co-signed on the approval of the term.

I created this post after wondering what the study of rain was called. No, it’s not meteorology, that’s the study of weather. I was unable to find a specific term that referred to the study of rain, however I discovered hydrology. Hydrology is the study of earth’s water and its movement in relation to land. This includes rainfall (precipitation), condensation, evaporation and more.

The Encyclopedia Britannica had this lovely illustration of earth’s water cycle.

Now that we know how “liquid sunshine” comes to be, let’s get back to some fun ways to make the best of a rainy day.

Make a simple video with your phone, it’s easy to do all kinds of camera tricks that change your focus. The rain makes its own sound effects so don’t worry about adding music. Lastly, if it’s raining lightly, just take a stroll, with or without an umbrella, the cool rain on a hot day feels pretty good. Lastly, just open a window in the house and sit quietly and listen. The rhythmic rainfall is sure to relax you and make for great quiet time. You can even meditate to the sound if you so choose. Try some of these ideas the next time it rains and comment below to detail your experience. Until the next rainy day…enjoy!

Amateur Cellphone Video of Rainfall in the Reading Garden

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