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Get the quality for less coin!

Let’s face it, there have been times we have all been drawn to products simply for the brand’s name. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn! A prestigious name is not the best indicator of a product’s reliability and results often vary. A better way to shop for self-care products is knowing what’s in them and what those ingredients are designed to do.

We have gathered a few top-selling skincare products to see how they stack up against our customers’ favorites. Keep reading, we think you’ll be surprised by the outcome!

Let's compare the Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil to our best selling Simper Goods Golden Citrus Body Oil. The Major Glow comes with a major price tag: $52 for 3.4oz while the

Golden Citrus will have you glowing all the way to the bank with the price tag of $24 for 2 oz. To add more clarity; that works out to about $15. 29/0z (major glow) and $12.00/oz (golden citrus). For some this may not be a major deal, but keep in mind you can actually purchase two of the golden citrus for LESS than one bottle of the major glow and we think that's a huge deal. To be completely transparent, both oils have quite a few similarities. Both are packaged in sleek glass bottles with minimal packaging. Great for those that are all about the aesthetic of their vanity table. Holy grail vitamin E is a major player in both formulas. Each oil has the shimmer factor as well.

It's the things that set them apart that make Golden Citrus the clear leader here. The organic ingredients, the friendlier price point, and the little extras that make it truly unique. The infusion of refreshing bergamot, wild orange, ginger and lemon. Most body oils just don't have those nor ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil. Meadowfoam seed oil balances sebum production, keeping the skin from being too oily or too dry and it's odorless. You can learn more here .

If you decide to try the Golden Citrus Body Oil, enjoy 10% off with the code: NEW and leave a review to let us know your thoughts.

If you're serious about your moisture then you're probably a fan of body butters. We love em and so do our customers. It's often compared to Kiehl's soy milk & honey whipped body butter and by compared we mean replaced with. We serve some pretty smart shoppers and they like that they can enjoy their luxurious skincare for less.

We offer smaller options to give customers the opportunity to try out a variety of products and not be stuck with a lot of something you may not prefer. And when a little goes a long way, you really don't need a lot. The body butters in our shop are part of a variety of gift options: Island Getaway , Spa Weekend , and Relax Girl . Try a full gift set for the price of one jar of the Kiehl's body butter. We know you won't be disappointed.

What's in the butter!

When it comes to skincare, many times less is more and that includes ingredients. With everything that touches our body- fragrances, sunscreen, hair products, laundry products, etc. We really love it when we can enjoy a simple indulgence like a soothing, moisturizing body butter with less than 5 ingredients. We're definitely here for that!

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