Shopportunist – A person that never passes up a great sale.

Updated: Jan 8

A shopportunist is a little different than a shopaholic. A shopaholic buys everything in sight for no other reason, than they can. If they’re bored, they shop. If they’re upset, they shop. If they’re at the mall…you guessed it, they shop. On the other hand, a shopportunist searches for great sales and great pieces before thy actually make a purchase.

A shopportunist is abreast of promo codes that can be used while sales are in progress. If they plan to shop online, they’re aware of who has free shipping and returns. They have all the necessary apps to maximize they’re coin. Here are a few you may want to try:

· Rakuten · Honey · Be Frugal · Retail Me Not

· Swagbucks

These apps offer cash back, discounts, and special pricing on clothing, entertainment, personal care, and just about anything you're currently spending money on.

Here’s how to come with your A-game in the shopping arena. Tips:

  • Take your time – sales are worth waiting for, if you save enough, you can buy twice as much

  • Set alerts

  • For out-of-stock items, sign up to be notified when they’re restocked (it’s free)

  • Subscribe to your favorite websites

  • Subscribers are the first to know about sales events and special offers

  • If they have a points system, sign up!!!!

  • Collecting points on purchases is like paying yourself back for spending your own money

  • Stores like Sephora, Hot Topic, and Nordstrom’s have these loyalty programs

  • Follow your favorite shops on social media, they introduce new products on their page and run special promotions that can be beneficial when you want to try something new without breaking the bank

Let's talk fashion! Where do you get your inspo? It’s ok a to have someone you take direction from, especially when you put your own spin on it. Fashion icons love to be a muse and they put all their wares out front and center on their social pages.

They’re usually paid to look good, so trust that they won’t disappoint! 2022 has some great trends in store, be on the lookout for high shine, little skirts, and makeup magic! Oh, and chain belts...yeah, the young ones are obsessed with the 90s, so it's allll coming back....whether we like it or not!

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