The Hunt

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Why is finding a job so hard when there are so many vacancies?

Could it be that employers are being extra selective since they have a surplus of candidates?

Are employees more or less productive working from home?

Have you pondered these same questions There are no definitive answers to these questions because it varies from person to person and employer to employer. Some are reluctant to hire people while they work primarily from home. Vetting a new addition to the team requires observation, interaction, and tests. They need to be seen in action to gauge whether or not they are a good fit for the position. Working from home skews feedback.

Limited access to office equipment, running double-duty as parent and employee, and even distractions can make an otherwise stellar employee less productive and perform worse than they normally wood. However, there are some people that are just great at what they do in any environment. It doesn’t matter if they’re being monitored or not. They’re honest, hardworking and conduct themselves accordingly. These are the folks employers want to hire, but how do they weed them out from their opposites? That’s a question I can’t answer, however, I do think is at the root of the slow hiring process these days.

I’ve heard more than one job seeker express frustration at the lack of call backs, strenuous interviews, and even being ghosted. The tables have truly turned, and these incidents aren’t unique to any one region, industry, or career level. Mass unemployment, COVID-19 restrictions and the influx of new graduates are all contributing factors. Unfortunately, this “perfect storm” shows no signs of letting up. Therefore, my advice to you is – don’t you let up either.

Keep applying to jobs, keep revising your resume, keep pushing yourself. Someone will say yes. Someone will see your value. In the meantime, hone your interview skills, learn new software and network. YOUTUBE is a great place to hone your skill set. LinkedIn is a networking gem. And talking to yourself in the mirror really helps you feel more comfortable once you land the interview.

There is a lot of stiff competition out here, but don’t count yourself out. You will find a job. Don’t be dead set on the “perfect job” … because it doesn’t exist. However, there is a position that is perfect for you. Once you land it, make it your own. Take pride in what you do, and you’ll be just fine.

Right now, is a difficult time for many, if you aren’t among those going through one crisis or another, count yourself lucky and help someone that isn’t as fortunate. We are all in this together, widespread unemployment affects everyone in one way or another. Businesses are closing, prices are soaring, the crime rate is rising, and morale is going down. No one is completely immune because you interact with those affected.

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