What A Difference A Walk Makes

It’s no secret how beneficial physical activity is to the body. However, the same rings true for the mental condition of the body. Daily we hear “stay home”, “wear your mask”, “don’t go here, and don’t go there”. Like many, I have adhered to all of these prompts and it has taken a toll on my daily life, including my physical activity. Sure, I can work out at home, but there’s it’s no comparison to being out in a park with fresh air, flourishing trees, and the chatter and smiles of fellow walkers and runners. I miss it all. The encouraging nods of the equally hot and sweaty girl trying to walk off the extra fries she had a lunch. The random “cute leggings!” comment hurled between gulps of air. The “thank you” I toss back between my own. There’s a comradery that people don’t think exist between women. We may not paint our chests and pack stands at sports arenas, but we definitely stick together.

I’m encouraging you to go to the park for a stroll. With your personal physical condition in mind, find an activity that is suitable. Walking, running, bird watching, people-watching, bench-sitting, any of these will do you good. I went to a local park on Tuesday, and that night’s sleep is the best I‘ve had in months. It was 75°with a warm occasional breeze, and I walked 2. 5 miles at a moderate pace.

The point was to get moving. I’ve been stagnant for months besides arbitrary hops on my mini trampoline and a few sit-ups here and there to relieve the seams on my favorite jeans.

I’m not obsessed with being a certain size; it’s important to me to be healthy, no matter what that looks like and that looks different for all of us. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate physical activity into my daily life. Lately it’s been a challenge with working reduced hours, ordering groceries online, and not receiving visitors at home. Going to the park was my saving grace. I wore a mask and sunglasses, neither of which significantly dampened the experience. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, get moving, and most of all…enjoy yourself.

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