What Does 2021 Hold for You?

Firstly, to truly start anew there must be a clean canvas upon which to create. Abandon the thought of comparing the upcoming year to the dumpster fire that is 2020 because it could alter your perception. It wouldn’t take much to top 2020, therefore, take the comparison off the table. Simply set the bar high, so high that you leave room to top it, the only way to do that is to remove the bar completely. Do you follow me? Let me explain.

When setting goals for yourself, there should never be a “limit”. The very definition of a limit limits you. You’ve told yourself “I will not surpass this point.” And because you’ve told yourself that…you won’t. Okay, so let’s recap – no comparisons, no limits. Proceed. Now ask yourself how you define “goal”, keep it simple. Do you view a goal as a result or a starting point? In this instance, perception is everything because it determines how you will execute a goal. Once it is achieved, do you consider yourself finished or do you count the victory as a milestone then move on to the next one?


Do you see a pattern here? There are a lot of questions because all along the way you should be asking yourself why you do the things you do, what you hope to achieve, and why you have chosen to go about it in the way that you have. The way you do something is just as important as why you’re doing it. As you step into 2021, consider new ways of doing things. This could bring you different outcomes.

Now back to the topic of goals. Are they results or starting points? I pose the question not to trip you up or confuse, but to challenge your thinking. Definitions shouldn’t be taken at face value, question them – redefine them. Who says you can’t? Are we truly growing and learning if we don’t define things for ourselves? How do you think new ideas are born? Innovators define new ideas and concepts. Old ideas aren’t scrapped, they’re expounded upon. You can and should do the same with your thinking. Challenge your mind.

It is my hope for you that 2021 holds a new way of thinking. When you start to see goals as a starting point, the likelihood that you will go further grows because you haven’t put a stopping point in place. Go forward with a new mindset, an open one, one without boundaries and full of open-ended questions. Allow your experiences to pose new questions.

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Even if you decide to jump on the new-year-resolution bandwagon, know that a resolution is something you choose to do or not do. Whatever you choose to do or not do – let your actions be purposeful. If 2020 taught you nothing else, it is that anything is possible. May your purposeful efforts yield exciting, positive outcomes that give birth to endless possibilities. May your goals be the start of many milestones in your overall development. Always feed your mind and it will continue to grow, I promise.

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