What Exactly is Self-Care?

This entire site is geared to self-care and promoting self-love. Both terms have become somewhat of a fad since the pandemic has set in. Don’t let the perception keep you from exploring the benefits of self-care. It isn’t a fad and when applied properly, has endless positive outcomes.

The term self-care is somewhat self-explanatory, yet so broad of a term that it doesn’t exactly drive you to a specific starting point. Caring for yourself is very person specific and driven by individual needs. Some areas of self-care are:

· Mental Health

· Diet

· Skincare

· Hair Care

· Spiritual Health

· Relationship Health

The hierarchy of the aforementioned areas of self-care are person-specific. There is no one-size-fits-all. A person’s day-to-day life and responsibilities dictate the level of stress they endure and therefore which areas need the most attention. If the word “stress” makes you feel labeled, another way to look at it is: the degree to which you feel overwhelmed. As long as there are people who count on you there will indeed be some stress in your life. The key is to take care of yourself in a way that you are able to manage your stress in a healthy, productive way. That means being healthy in all areas of your life.

Mental Health: a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

· Meditation

· Ample Amounts of Sleep

· Anger Management

· Therapy

Diet: the food a person eats on a regular basis to sustain life

· Balanced in nutrients

· Fresh over Frozen

· Limit or exclude processed foods

· Water, Water, Water

Skincare: Provisions made to maintain healthy skin

· Sun Protection

· Moisturize

· Cleansing

Hair Care: Steps taken to promote and sustain health and growth of hair and scalp.

· Cleansing

· Moisturize

· Sun care

· Treatment of scalp ailments (If applicable)

Spiritual Care: Maintenance of well-being that is other than physical.

· Study and/or worship of a higher being

· Defining your moral compass

· Connecting with others in a way that unites

· Finding inner peace

Relationship Health: Mutual respect and concern for the people closest to you

· Setting healthy boundaries

· Mutual respect

· Connection to others that is beneficial to all parties

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