What's So Great About Lavender Oil?

7/30/2020 -Elaine B.

First off, an oil is considered “essential” when it contains the essence of a plant’s fragrance. Lavender oil is a very versatile essential oil. It is known to help manage insomnia, anxiety, menstrual cramps, and even allergies.

To reap the benefits of lavender oil, it can be massaged directly into the skin, or added to bath water. If neither of these methods is to your liking, try rubbing some on your hands, then cupping your hands and inhaling. The oil can also be added to a diffuser or vaporizer.

Lavender oil is easy to use. It absorbs quickly into the skin and its fragrance is light. No need to worry about offending others with a strong scent. I have used lavender oil directly on my skin after a bath and gone into work within the hour. None of my co-workers have ever remarked about the scent. I work with a tight-knit group. We have a rapport that would allow them to certainly tell me if I were wearing an overpowering scent.

Keep in mind, although lavender oil is relatively safe, it can cause discomfort to some people. I have only used lavender oil topically and therefore can only speak to this delivery method. I have not experienced any adverse reactions. The carrier oils used are organic coconut oil and organic olive oil.

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Pictured: Lavender Oil, Lavender Bath Salts, Lavender Body Soap

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