Updated: Apr 7

We're always looking out for great deals for you. Not just here at, but where ever you can get the most bang for your buck. We've gathered some things we think you might like. Check 'em out. All the savings are courtesy of RAKUTEN. Sign up using our unique link to start saving This is not a requirement to save, you can simply go to their website and sign up there if you prefer not to use sponsored links.

Now let's get to the fun stuff....S H O P P I N G!

Here are some of the deals available.


Save on select best-selling totes, crosbody bags and clutches.


There are tons more deals available. You can access them ALL via the Rakuten website. Again here is our special link to get you there:

You may have heard "girl code" means something about this girl not dating that guy because that girl dated him, or something like that. Well, around here girl code means if you find a great promo code that can save your girl some money, you're obligated to share it. That's what we've done here. And when we say girl we simply mean Gorgeous In Real Life! We found a ton of codes to use at Sephora this month. Take a look, we're sure you'll find something you like. Remember, not only will you save, you can also get cash back if you sign up for Rakuten. We'll just leave this handy dandy link here if you decide to:

Oh you thought we were done. Ha, nope! We have a few more for ya. We want you to get a lot of stuff for a little money. And don't forget we have new makeup pouches to hold it all!

Okay, we'll stop there. Your head is probably spinning trying to decide which great deal to use first. Have fun with that!

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