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  • Sephora Dupes

    If you're serious about your moisture then you're probably a fan of body butters. It's often compared to Kiehl's soy milk & honey whipped body butter and by compared we mean replaced The body butters in our shop are part of a variety of gift options: Island Getaway , Spa Weekend , and Try a full gift set for the price of one jar of the Kiehl's body butter. We really love it when we can enjoy a simple indulgence like a soothing, moisturizing body butter with

  • Soy and Paraffin Candles (mini post)

    At this point, I think it’s a no-brainer that it’s better for the body to breathe clean, toxin-free air

  • Staying Fit During the Holidays

    Because the steak and potatoes do not digest well through the body it is not too surprising that you The digestive juices your body generates as you eat help facilitate digestion and, for argument sake, This will help keep things flowing and circulating through the body. Hope this helps!!!

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